About us

Moscow personnel Agency Respect renders services on selection of qualified personnel in your house. Will consider all Your wishes when choosing and help in choosing the required specialist. Staff recruitment, we always seek to take into account not only the formal requirements, but also Your individual requests, all the subtle nuances that are important to You when choosing a worker. It is very important for a person not just a well-performed their duties, but also harmoniously fit in with Your family atmosphere.



  1. Individual approach to each Client
  2. Efficiency
  3. Responsibility- thorough background checks
  4. The wide list of rendered services
  5. Privacy
  6. Long-term cooperation
  7. Discount system and tariff plans

Selection of the personnel for the house according to your application usually takes 1-2 days. Large base of data of the Agency - more than 9000 profiles, allows us to choose the specialist meeting Your requirements. At the interview You can choose from several candidates. The interview is conducted in the office, but possible and travel Manager with the staff at your office or at home.

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