The order of selection of the personnel

1. Registration of the application for selection.

  • You can make Your order on selection of the house personnel in the following ways:
  • filling out the form «Application» section for each position of the staff on our website
  • by phones personnel center:+7 (968) 655-41-11, +7 (495) 963-23-51
  • on our electronic address:
  • by visiting our office at the address: Ul. the Ninth company, D. 14 (Preobrazhenskaya square meters)

A large database of the Agency, allows you to quickly choose a specialist meets Your requirements. With You directly contact our personal Manager who will lead Your order and will always answer all your questions.

2. Selection of specialist

Once you specify Your wishes our personal Manager sends out electronic database several summary of applicants that best meet Your requirements. All applicants go through a rigorous selection by using the method of testing.

  • Professional testing.
    Managers of the Department on work with applicants to carefully control the process of filling out the questionnaire by applicant to reveal his wishes, on the basis of the received data are detailed CV, carried out with the applicant preliminary interview and test it for each particular specialty. While testing each applicant ask specific questions on the specifics of his work, check the experience, experience. Then the Manager checks specialist at the "Black list" of the domestic staff.
  • Psychological testing.
    The new person should bring in Your home comfort and tranquillity. Therefore, our psychologist thoroughly tests each Candidate with the help of methods of the case interview and the stress interview.

    A case interview is a simulation of the particular situation in life. The applicant offer one or another situation and asked to find a solution which, in turn, can serve as a reflection of the level of competence and a real solution to a real problem. This test allows to assess the candidate when hiring more accurately than with a standard interview.

    The stress interview is done with one purpose - to reveal the hidden negative aspects of the personality of the applicant, which may occur in a real working situation. First of all such testing are professionals working with children (nannies, governesses, Tutors, speech therapists), and also drivers and nurses. There are many ways to test the reactions of the candidate: the awkward question, the situation of waiting, obvious disrespect, etc. In each case the applicant is in a stressful situation and thus as if involuntarily takes off the mask". If the person shows signs of aggressiveness, it can hardly be recommended for working with children. The psychologist tries to identify the psychological type of worker, trying not to hurt him too.
  • Checking documents.
    Managers work with applicants conduct thorough reference check of the applicant, if necessary contact with former employers and ask them to give to the employee. Also thoroughly checked documents (passport, employment, medical books, diplomas and other) In the absence of medical certificates directed applicant for a medical examination.

3. Interview.

After You have made your choice, the Manager arranges interviews with the selected candidates in the office of Human resources Agencies or, at Your desire, will hold an interview in Your home or office. For each candidate You will be presented: detailed application form, copies of documents, recommendations. During the interview, You can ask the candidates questions, Express your wishes and requirements.

4. The Conclusion Of The Contract.

  • The customer chooses the tariff plan
  • The customer shall pay to the Agency an amount according to chosen tariff plan
  • The Agency concludes a contract with the Customer.

5. Replacement of the specialist.

During the whole term of the Contract the Agency offers You free, equivalent replacement of the employee in case of his resignation or illness 

We will be glad to help You!

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